Sunday, 19 October 2014

Diwali - a time for family!


Diwali makes a festive mood in the air.

 A bundle of festivals and a chance to celebrate and enjoy with your loved ones. It is a festival of lights and crackers which symbolize conquest of divine thoughts over evil tendencies.

      Only a few days are left for diwali and we haven't prepared fully yet. We have purchased a lot of things for it. Specially a beautiful dress of mine to be worn on this special day. What other comprises of includes beautiful colorful powders for rangoli, candeels, diyas , diwali lights to put up in the balconies, decortive articles, Laxmi & Ganesha idols and two intruments to make rangoli as I am not experienced to make it good otherwise lol ;)

      Everything is deep cleaned and Sweets would be prepared on that day itself. My husband and me are very excited to celebrate this festival but a bit confused whether to fire crackers this time or not as environmental polltion is a big threat to the world and we don't want to contribute. May be we will liht up only 10 to 12 of them just for our satisfaction. Let's see...

      Diwali is a festival of lights. It is my favourite festival. It is celebrated on the new moon day of the dark fortnight of Ashwin. Diwali is regarded by me as a cluster of festivals followed as dhanteras, choti diwali, main diwali and bhai dooj.

       But this time we will not be able to enjoy it fully as we will be away from our respective families  as there is no leave left for this time. I just recalled of last year's celebration at my in laws. We all cleaned the house by helping each other, decorated home with diyas , candles and specially by garlands prepared by ourselves. We did a lot of shopping before the festival as well.

      It was my first diwali at my in laws. My sister in law's daughter insisted us to fire the crackers in the daytime and we emptied almost all the boxes one by one before the evening itself. Diwali lights were put up in the balconies. Beautiful color design was drawn by me at our doorstep.


  Everyone was very happy as all family was together. Laxmi pooja was performed at the evening. Twenty one diya's were enlightened in front of goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha to seek blessings of health, wealth and prosperity for our family.

    After the aarti sweets were offered to god and prasaad was given to each of us. Gifts and sweets were exchanged with our family and relatives to strengthen the bond of love. Our dinner included pakode and sweets prepared by me and my sister in law.


      Then we all ran up to the rooftop and the rest of firecrackers were let off after dinner till midnight. Some of the family members were enjoying the view and some were enjoying the pleasure of lighting them up. There was great pomp and show. Everywhere there were rockets, lightnings, sounds of explosions, We all enjoyed a lot. Lamps were burned every night during the festival.


      I just reminded of my spinster days. Wow! That was really an utmost loved experience for me. I really wish to bring back the same old days again. We are three brother and sisters. We used to start planning for diwali a month before the fesival begins. Collecting empty bottles to help light rockets, buying crackers, shopping for clothes, diyas, candeels and decorative articles, lightenings, sweet boxes and a lot more things whatever fascinated us during the festive season.

      All the children of our lane had formed groups and all the grooups gathered at night on the street with all types of crackers we bought for the day including fuljhadi, the famous one murga chaap patakhe, anar, anar bomb, saamp goli, patakha ladi in gun ,variety of rockets,chakri etc.


     My mom used to make gajar ka halwa and dad used to bring lot of sweet and savories including chumchum, rasgulla, gulabjamun, khoye ki barfi, kaaju ki barfi and a lot more.

     My daadi used to prepare the diyas by filling them with mustard oil and one big one with ghee. Twenty one diyas were lighted on the day of diwali. Then the diyas and candles were placed on the corners of doors, in the balconies and terrace. Days have gone but the memories are kept preserved. Those feelings can never be forgotten.

Diwali is a time for family but this time it is only in my feelings and my memory!!

  This time we will enjoy but that enjoyment can't be compared to the one which could be with our family.   Miss u all!!   Lots of love to you,,    Happy diwali!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

ARVIND KEJRIWAL MAKEOVER - Let's do the impossible!

Everybody wants to look good in the modern scenaro. And people has many option for that as well. Many of Indian politicians are experimenting with there wardrobes like Rahul Gandhi, Aditya Thakre , Priyanka Gandhi, Milind Deora Shaina NC, Omar Abdullah, Sachin Pilot, Narendra Modi and Dimple Yadav.
 But what about Arvind kejriwal?

  Everyone knows of  'the famous Aam Aadmi  "Arvind kejriwal ". He has done a commendable job in preserving Indian democracy. Now a days he is travelling interstate for the Political propaganda. He may not feel a need to change. All knows that he will never change. Only we people can experiment with his looks. So why not do something new today?

 Just imagine... How would an Aam Admi is going to change?
What could be the things which can be seen in his cart?
Thinking of how can this Aam aadmi be transformed into a Modern aadmi. Seems quiet interesting. Right?

We are doing online shopping via baggout to get 'huge discounts and 'mesmerising cash back offers to save more! :)

 Getting ready to redefine his charming personality-

 Let's begin with the cap.

1) Gandhi topi -  Definitely an aam aadmi political cap suits him the best. This khadi side cap has now become a style statement of Aam Aadmi's. Gandhi cap has become more popular after the Anna momvement. And Kejrival sir has taken this style to a new height by making it as an identity for an Aam aadmi. We will not do much change in that for the sake of Identity. Still Arvind kejriwal can wear it slightly tilted to one side for a modern slant. It just recalled me a song from an old movie.. "oye tirchi topi walle ...oOoOoO..".

Let's Move to the next

2) Spectacles- Sunglasses are obviously a necessity with the season's soaring temperatures. I would choose for him dark tints for a more sophisticated looks. A lot to choose from and he should definitely go for UV protection . It will help protecting his eyes from the harmful rays of sun and reduce glare as well.

Shopping destinations- Basics life and Reddiff.

3) Shirt- I am not writing kurta as he too don't wear the same. In place of shirt what would suit him in this political scenario. The versatile Nehru jacket is restyled, reinvented and restructured for the modern Indian man. It is a shortcut to neta chic. A black Nehru jacket can go over a white long kurta, it will give him a classy look. A Nehru jacket with a pocket square or a kurta with contrast stripes? Both are the latest trends. Both fits well. So a bit confused.. ! I guess Nehru jacket would suit more.

Shopping destinations- Myntra and Jabong.

4) Maflar - His muflar can be replaced with a fashionable scarf draped with a parision knot. It gives a bold  and stylish look.

 Shopping destinations- Junglee and snapdeal.

5) Pant- Haha again would like to mention he doesn't wear pajama. So, coloured pants can do the job. Jodhpur trouser or dark denims would also go nicely. Well! they are too capturing the markets being latest style statement.

Shopping destinations- Naaptol and Starcj

6) Chappal- Now the home slippers would get exchanged with Kolhapuri chappals, being desi, durable and glamorous and specially suiting neta's.
Shopping destinations- Homeshop 18 and limeroad

  Now our desi style neta's looks have transformed into of a new-age politician and is ready to go along with the modern India. Cheers to our commitment  and his great looks.

 An "aam aadmi" in a "new avatar".

Now an appeal to this respected aam aadmi to wear your national pride on your sleeve and get a  bad rap for being sartorially unsavoury. Challenge this notion and go ahead.

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Well! I am leaving the job of  choosing from various shopping sites via Baggout. Just suggesting him to choose from Myntra, Flipkart,  Jabong and India times as I think he would get the major savings from these shopping destinations.
Hope you enjoyed the new makeover. You can too get yours yet saving more. You just need to do a few things for the same.

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Try it yaaron! You would save for sure.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

My Ride Of Confidence

  I am a super cool Banglorean. My passion is 'long driving on my super duper bike'.

But before going through my journey what I need is a lot of confidence , my comb and of course my helmet.. he he.. otherwise I need to pay the challaan (tax).

 Well! The good thing is that I am a traveler by heart. What one needs for being a genuine traveler is the boldness to confront tough situations. Going through the way is not an easy task. After all the journey matters more than the destination.
 Long drive on bike..! The idea doesn't seems to be good to most of the people as nobody wants to face the dusty pollution, nobody wants to ruin their hair in the wind and nobody wants messy hair.

 Girls worry a lot about their body and clothes which makes their wardrobe efficient and up to date. So is in the case of mine. Everything must look perfect, not only for others but for oneself too. As perfection boosts confidence..I guess I have started revealing my secrets to you now.. :)

  Sometimes things really becomes worse if you are not confident about your looks specially when you are surrounded by your team or friends. You can easily catch their strange cold looks towards you. After all we all like to be the smartest in front of others and there is nothing wrong in that.

 But I need not worry at all.


       The answer is so simple, because my helmet saves my face from the smoky pollution but what for my hair? No worries about my hair as they are recharged daily with a booster "Sunsilk shampoo" which helps me to keep going with no fear of dust and dull hair.With sunsilk, there is no issue of messed up hair. I can enjoy my drive to the fullest without worrying about the wind.

So guys! Enjoy your journey of life - Recharge your hair by Sunsilk & Recharge your life by 'Confidence' gained by using it.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Small Creation for a Big Cause

    God has created so many beautiful things. We distributed those in the name of countries. There are a lot of developing countries like India in the world. Poor people in them are struggling to satisfy their basic needs in the best possible ways. The fulfilment of needs require an easy access to the resources.

 Let's talk about one basic & most essential need of human being - WATER.
We all need water in one or the other way for almost every routine work of cooking, washing, drinking, cleaning and a lot more.

And what if we we don't have convenient means to access this water..?
Many of the countries have developed proper ways to access these resources but some of them are lagging behind in the race. Resulting in 'dissatisfied thirst' of the poor people who need to struggle, just to fulfil their basic needs.

The war of poor people doesn't end up here. They have to struggle 'everyday' for collecting water. They need to travel at least 1/2 a mile to reach a safe water source on a daily basis.

What they are getting in return?

  • Chronic pain in head, neck and shoulders leading to curvature of the spinal cord. 
  • Loss of precious time.
  • Lots of efforts & less gain.

Let's have an example of Rajasthan (India) :-
   Any person would really find it hard to carry 20 litre container on their head but Rajasthani women and girls have to do this. They struggle for collecting 20 litre/person/day. Hats off to these laborious workers. They are loosing their precious time in water collection while they are capable of doing something productive. They could have proper education or employment opportunities in this lost time.

But now there is an end to their struggle-
  'Wello water wheel' is invented to solve this problem.

 I really appreciate this idea of today for a better tomorrow.
" Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ''.
This is my urge to everyone :-
 Keep on dropping more ideas because 'IT IS A SMALL CONTRIBUTION FOR A BIG CAUSE'.

To know more about the 'wello water wheel' just click the below link :-

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Perfect Road Trip - What an idea sir ji?

The Perfect Road Trip

Srinagar- My dreamy destination 
    road trip is a journey taken on a road. What matter is the journey, route and the ultimate destination.

What makes it a more joyful experience?
'Trip Companions and the Vehicle'
 The ultimate supporters to the trip.

   Right now, I am dreaming of visiting 'Gulmarg' as a destination of my road trip. It is situated in the lap of Srinagar (India). I have visited the place earlier too with my husband but my other family members are very much eager and excited to visit the same. They are
                                                                                          impatient to be our companion.
I wonder :- Will the dream come true?
My dream planning is disclosing below :-

Destination :-        @ Gulmarg , Srinagar
Route:-                 Delhi >  Haryana > Punjab > Srinagar (Gulmarg)
Distance :-            446 x 2 = 892 kms
Companions :-      Father & Mother * Sister & Brother * Hubby & Biwi (me)

Car :-                   Renault duster ( Metallic woodland brown color)

A super duper & mind blowing car

Best time :-           March (Just to recall my first trip)

Situation :-
Six of us are eager to visit our Dream Destination Gulmarg via Road.

Experience Holders :-
Me and my husband has one visit experience to the destination and also great knowledge regarding the place. So, others can take risk. ;) We have taken some warm clothes, boots and medicines for the road trip. At last, all packing is de dana dan 'done.

About the Destination :-  
     Gulmarg is located in baramulla district of Jammu & kashmir. It is situated at an attitude of 2730 m above sea level. The best thing about this place is that it is surrounded by snow capped mountains & forested hills. This place is full of beautiful scenery which made this place popular as a shooting location for most of the Bollywood movies.

Gulmarg view

Journey , Route, Vehicle and The Companions : -

The route is full of enjoyment because of the companions. We all are feeling so excited and are playing antakshari for full enjoyment of the journey . My father is a bit shy so he is trying to escape from playing but all of the others are good singers of their own taste. We are also taking note of the outside view.

Renault duster at Delhi

    It is Delhi right now full of traffic and pollution. Weather is just ok not too good nor too bad. We are keeping the A/c on to avoid getting hot. And the antakshari is still on . My brother is trying to sing the latest songs and is really singing well . He wants to become a singer. Keep it up bro!
 Now, we are on our way to GT road. Really a long one but nice one. At last Renault is getting some chances to do wonders by it's speed. Traffic is not much but heavy trucks of transport are accompanying us through out the road. Tired of antakshari now, just giving some rest to our throat. The travel time is approximately 16 hrs. So we must keep some energy for later. It's been five hours and drowsiness has started  capturing my eyes now and suddenly due to a sudden break I am trying to open my eyelids to see what's happening? Looking outside the window with just half eyelids open, I am just able to see a lot of trees and greenery.

Greenery of Punjab 

 I guess, this is Punjab. Don't think I am a lazy girl . Just haven't slept the night before due to over excitement . Weather conditions are better over here. May be due to greenery. We decided to have some rest over here. Oh! I Have started having meal with my dear family. It is so nice to eat with family, sharing whatever we have ordered at the dhaba . It is 'tinku da dhaba' and we have ordered aloo parantha , kadhai paneer , mix veg , curd and Lassi. There is a different taste in the lassi of Punjab, of course it is quiet amazing.

Jammu & kashmir

Now, we are heading towards our next destination. Energy is refilled now and the recent destination is sleeping adda, 'ghagwal' in Jammu & kashmir . So nice to feel relaxed, after a day's journey. Weather is very nice over here. It is next morning now. Cool breeze coming inside through the window is making us stick to the blanket for some more time. I am Feeling so fresh now and enjoying sparrow's chirping in our room. Everybody is getting ready to attack on bathroom . Let's see who is going to take bath first. Ha ha ha! I know it is going to be my mom who else can dare to get up so early. Now everybody is ready to leave. We are again getting opportunity to sit in Renault duster having good mileage and style.We put on our warm clothes to cheat the cool breeze outside. Again our singing talents have started getting shown to the older members and we are so much happy receiving the applauds.So much fun it is!
 But our antakshari soon stops because sight seeing is what we are finding more important than singing. We are looking at the snow capped mountains far behind at turns, people wearing a different kind of clothes and houses built so differently than that of ours. We are just amazed.

Kashmiri People

Now we are on to outer gulmarg link and yeah! we are reaching our beautiful destination. As a destination it is like.. Dhara par swarg kahin hai toh yahin hai... yahin hai... yahin hai...
It is a once in a life time experience . Approx. two hours driving from Srinagar, it is really a great experience. Beautiful view of nature and snow clad mountains are giving heavenly feeling. Climbing up on the hills through round about roadways. It is so exciting and now we can't take further our new Renault duster. Hey Renault! Just stay safe now! we will share our experiences with you later on. We put on our boots and snow goggles to avoid blinding our eyes and started climbing the hilly area giggling, laughing and playing like kids at this hilly destination . So much fun walking in the snow. Unique experience, I just love this place. We are taking a lot of picture shots using our brand new Nikon camera. I need it at every destination to capture everything beautiful.

Gondola-Starting point

Throwing snow balls is the biggest fantasy over here . We have purchased our ticket to the first level of gondola and here we goes.. So much fun it is, riding in a box over snowy mountains. People are skiing and riding sledge. We have decided to do it later. We are now heading towards the next level of gondola ride. Photos are being taken along the ride.
Gondola- The real view 

 We reached the top level. Crisp cool mountain air, with a small bit of fog , clouds wandering here and there . All this is really enchanting our hearts. We clicked some more photos in different poses and are enjoying in every possible way. It is really a great experience just feeling on the top of the world. Now we are going back on first level to enjoy skiing. We again started riding on gondola but this time we are going downwards.
Going downwards

We can see other people enjoying the ride too. We are also enjoying the beauty of  tiny narrow lines drawn by the skiing champions. We are on first level now and also hired a pair for each one of us to enjoy skiing. Guide is guiding us how to do it and also about do's and don'ts. We all are now enjoying skiing on the top. It is really amazing. Some of us are falling in between due to lack of expertise. But still carrying on. It's been two hours and we all are tired enough to go back. And the time for gondola ride is also getting over. So we are back to the ground level and now seated inside our great journey supporter 'Renault', my lovely car.  It's been so nice trip and we are now taking some rest inside our car till we reach our hotel.

Memorable moments

After taking a night's rest at the hotel we are now going back to where we have started from, with a loads of memories flourishing inside our heart making it more memorable moment by moment.

zzz....z..... zz....zzz....z..... khrr.... khr...
Now snoring off...

 Oops! It is morning now.
Was really, a nice dreamy idea of  'the perfect road trip'. What an idea sir ji?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Innovative film city, bangalore

Film city is all about a new world in itself . Due to God's grace, I got the opportunity to have two great experiences of experiencing film cities, recently. Those are of  'Ramoji  film city', Hyderabad and 'Innovative film city', Bangalore. Both visits of mine were full of joy and adventure. Today I would like to share my latest experience that is regarding Innovative film city.

 Innovative film city is situated at Bangalore, Karnataka in India. We visited this place just a week ago. It was quiet far from our place but we managed to reach there by 2 o'clock. It took 2 hours to reach there but the journey was so amazing with mind blowing weather conditions , bike ride and beautiful scenes on the way. There was one more benefit that we were lucky to drive on longest highway in India that is NH 7 . It was really amazing to ride on a bike with cool breeze blowing in the hair saying something in the ear. Do you know what was that? Well ,the answer is "enjoy ". On our visiting day the sky was crowded by lots of wandering clouds and cool breeze blowing above the ground and accompanying us to our destination, 'Innovative film city'.

We were eagerly waiting to reach there. At last we found our map indicator pointing towards it. But when we took the route, it showed one more cut. We got to know that some construction is going on there so we need to take one more turn to reach it. And finally we saw the board written 'Innovative film city' over it.
Actually we haven't planned to visit the place beforehand. We decided to visit on the same day we visited it , just due to the nice whether on that particular day. In fact my husband took a leave for that day so that we can enjoy it together, so nice of him.
as it was a sudden program, when  we reached the booking counter we saw a note that if we enter it at 3 pm, we just need to pay 400 Rs. instead of 600 Rs. per person, which was the entry ticket price for the whole day.
We were hungry because we haven't had lunch by then, so we asked for any nearby restaurant but failed to find any good one. There was just a small dhaba in front of it and we were not interested to eat over there. We decided to have lunch inside the film city itself. We purchased some biscuits and chips to curb our hunger for some time . After having snacks, we took some photographs of the outside view of film city.
 There was greenery outside. The place was full of nice palm trees , some sculptures and embroidery over the building and gate of film city. There was a separate sitting arrangement near the ticket counters which was really a nice place to relax till the time to enter.
 After purchasing our tickets at exact 3 p.m we entered the film city. Outside food is not allowed inside and we didn't had any. After checking , the first place was a shopping zone , my favourite. I purchased a nice hat from there. There was a lot of stuff to purchase from there including Kurtis, hats, bracelets,etc.but there was short of time, so we hurried to our next place.
Next we reached a big chess board on which we stood and played bow and arrow game. The game was not that much nice. We then searched for food court, to curb our hunger as soon as possible and yes we found it nearby. We had a lot of food variety over there including Chinese south Indian , north Indian and veg as well as non veg. and their price was also appropriate.
After having lunch we reached 'Ripley's believe it or not museum' which was just next to the food court. There we met a talking ghost and got to know lots of unusual things and unusual facts , we were not aware of earlier. It was too scientific, interesting and historical as well. Nice place to visit for science and history lovers.


Next  was Wax museum. There were lots of sculptures made of wax called effigy. There were effigies of a lot  of famous personalities and cartoon characters like Michael Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Dalai lama,  Harry potter, Mickey mouse, Mr. bean, and many more. It is really nice to see them actually standing beside you.

Then, there was fossil museum for the history lovers. It was informative about the dinosaur's evolution and  devolution. In the museum you can find dinosaur's longest teeth packed in a glass box and there various bone structures mounted on the wall.

Next was Jurassic museum . There were lots of different kinds of dinosaurs over there growling at you in there own languages. Trying to scare you with there big structure, sounds and big wings. You will also enjoy a small waterfall over there below a small bridge surrounded by dinosaurs. It seems a bit scary, right? but keep this for the haunted mansion, really scary adventure with ghosts.
'Haunted Mansion' was really a scary place to visit, specially if you are going inside alone, just like that for us. Lots of ghosts were waiting eagerly for us. As we entered it they started mumbling in there ghostly sound 'hoo....' in there predestined scary tone and tried to grab and scare us in every possible way they can. There were a lot of rooms with lots of ghosts sitting , standing , hiding , hanging and haunting the place. We kept on taking stairs, entering into rooms and palace and found new ghosts and witches waiting to have a look at us and welcoming us in there territory. We were really scared and really wanted to end this up as soon as possible and at last we got the final room having a real exit. But it was really pleasant to meet so many ghost at a single place, really adventurous. But adventure doesn't ends up here .There was a lot to explore and we headed towards our next adventurous place.
This adventurous place is a place for everybody. Yes, you are right. It was 'games court'. At first we took tickets for 'dirty ride'. We ride bike in mud. It was so amazing experience to ride bike in full speed with mud all around. Really a dirty and muddy adventure. That was my first bike riding experience but truly amazing.
After that we enjoyed 'Go-karting' which was really fantastic ride. Sitting and driving with no traffic at all, a really hard to find experience in India.
Next we enjoyed cartoon city. It is a nice place for kids, with lots of cartoons ready to accompany them.
Then we saw 'water world' an artificial beach formation. But we didn't had another pair of clothes so we didn't tried water park.
There was only one hour left to us, so we covered mirror maze, china wall and film city zone .

Among these mirror maze was fantastic. we really enjoyed our images formed inside it and amazed finding our way to exit.China wall was not much good but the cartoon characters nearby it were nice.

Finally while going back, we entered some of the film city zone building named 'Innovative talkies' comprising of artificial police station, hospital, airport, FM radio and high court. we clicked some nice photographs over there .4D cinema was under reconstruction so we were not able to enjoy that.
We don't get enough time to explore everything. But, our overall experience was 'nice' and  'nice weather of the day' added some more enjoyment to our trip. The closing time was 6:30 pm. So, it was time to say good bye to this place.We looked back once more to see the place again, it looked so beautiful in the colorful lightnings.

But this place lacks many things like there was no guide available inside, so you may not be able to explore it in a whole way, basic facilities like rest rooms are also not at all good and we need to pay again for some interesting rides like Go-karting, muddy bike ride, etc. and it is not well maintained. Still, it can be given one visit to satisfy our cravings for fun in Bangalore. In brief, I can say that this place is not very good but not that much bad either.

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

My first visit to PARADISE ON EARTH


Kashmir is a wonderful place considered as  the crown of  Goddess "BHARAT MATA" , situated at the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent .
 I have heard a lot about this place and was always interested to visit it . Just after few months of my marriage I got this opportunity.One of my dad's friend invited us to that heavenly place.
You may not believe that just before a day uncle invited us I dreamt of  enjoying the  kashmir valley in a helicopter and my dream came true the very next day of it.
  Oh god! I was so happy and super excited to see everything over there. Uncle told us about the places we can visit and the then whether conditions of kashmir. We booked the tickets and packed everything we needed for this tour. It was a four days trip. We visited that place in the month of February so our packing obviously included a lot of  winter clothes and associated accessories . We reached the Airpot on time and took our seat.
 As soon as we got to know that we are about to reach kashmir, exhilaration started arousing in our nerves . Just as the plane reached the beautiful valleys of kashmir , my first expression was :- 'my eyes wide open and my mouth as well' .... ...ooohhh! I may not be able to explain in words....this experience was just out of the world. Actually it was the heavenly experience for me. so loving nature's beauty. Suddenly my mouth spoke out of its own " Wow...... God ! how have u created this? we really saw heaven today. What can be more beautiful than this? "  How amazingly beautiful that was...beyond expectations.... Not just the valleys covered with lots of pure white snow but the clouds floating all around the plane too  were the center of attraction for us. I wished I could also swim in the sky full of these cotton candies of variant shapes and sizes. I wished I would be standing in front of lord shiva and thank him in a way possible , for gifting us such a wondorful wedding present.
 Soon we reached our destination, and searched for the board over which our names were written. Yes! we got that . Uncle was waiting for us with the board..and we left the kashmir airpot to our uncle's sweet home. There we meet everybody in their family and took some rest after such a long but nice journey. After taking rest we come out to see this breathtaking place.
On the first day, we decided to visit dal lake first. While we were on our way ,we saw people so amazingly dressed, houses so diffferently made, and so interesting their ways of living , and area surrounded by huge snowy mountains at every turn of our vehicle.
 At  last we reached the place and what to say about the beauty of the place, just reminded of the song of an old bollywood hit movie 'kashmir ki kali 1964' and my lips started muttering the lyrics....."ye chaand sa roshan chehra julfon ka rang sunahra ...". Dal lake was surrounded by beautiful shankaracharya hills. we were surprised to see market and crops floating on the lake. It was really a unique thing for us to see. We hired a boat to experience the lake in a whole way. Coxwain made us sit comfortably in the boat . The boat was very spacious that u can lie completely on the seat ...There we enjoyed watching houseboats called shikara floating over water and having 'kehwa' drink of kashmir. While we were enjoying the natural scenes the coxwain explained us about the movies picturised over there and nearby places which can be seen and enjoyed from the boat itself . Then he took us to the floating market where selller's were selling kashmiri clothes and accessories  It was really amazing to board a floating market from a boat. We saw beautiful designer shawls and clothes variety and puchased as we please. After that we visited local srinagar and did some shopping for the family and friends then we prayed at kashmir's holiest muslim shrine 'hazratbal'.

 On the second day we visited gulmarg..the top attraction that is not to be missed because it gives us a wonderful chance of taking gondola ride up the snow capped mountains. Gondola is the name of the cable car system that operates plying thousands of passengers up the hills. As we reached the place we purchased the tickets for the same. The view was breathtaking and place was awesome. There were two phase for the ride. On reaching the first phase, we  enjoyed skiing and on the second phase we enjoyed the awesome natural beauty.


On the third day , I must call it a beautiful rainy day we enjoyed visiting parimahal ,chashmeshahi and shankaracharya temple, very beautiful and peaceful places.

At last on the fourth day of our visit we saw pahelgam/ betab valley which is irresistible and memorable place for us. Just imagine a big flat surface covered with a lots of snow , layered in a beautiful manner and surrounded by amazing snow covered mountains and snowy trees. We enjoyed our fullest at that place. That place was too huge, that a time came when we were alone , sitting  at the centre of  that snowy ground and enjoying the warmth of sunlight in the cool surrounding. We spent our whole day there playing with the snow balls, strucking our boots inside the snow, photographing and enjoying the beauty.

On the next day we departed back leaving the heaven of heavens behind and taking the beautiful memories along with us.
These were some of the pics which we clicked. But the real experience and beauty can't be captured in a camera. So I suggest to visit it once in your lifetime to get this heavenly experience.
      And let me know if you  liked my article or any suggestions .