Monday, 10 June 2013

Innovative film city, bangalore

Film city is all about a new world in itself . Due to God's grace, I got the opportunity to have two great experiences of experiencing film cities, recently. Those are of  'Ramoji  film city', Hyderabad and 'Innovative film city', Bangalore. Both visits of mine were full of joy and adventure. Today I would like to share my latest experience that is regarding Innovative film city.

 Innovative film city is situated at Bangalore, Karnataka in India. We visited this place just a week ago. It was quiet far from our place but we managed to reach there by 2 o'clock. It took 2 hours to reach there but the journey was so amazing with mind blowing weather conditions , bike ride and beautiful scenes on the way. There was one more benefit that we were lucky to drive on longest highway in India that is NH 7 . It was really amazing to ride on a bike with cool breeze blowing in the hair saying something in the ear. Do you know what was that? Well ,the answer is "enjoy ". On our visiting day the sky was crowded by lots of wandering clouds and cool breeze blowing above the ground and accompanying us to our destination, 'Innovative film city'.

We were eagerly waiting to reach there. At last we found our map indicator pointing towards it. But when we took the route, it showed one more cut. We got to know that some construction is going on there so we need to take one more turn to reach it. And finally we saw the board written 'Innovative film city' over it.
Actually we haven't planned to visit the place beforehand. We decided to visit on the same day we visited it , just due to the nice whether on that particular day. In fact my husband took a leave for that day so that we can enjoy it together, so nice of him.
as it was a sudden program, when  we reached the booking counter we saw a note that if we enter it at 3 pm, we just need to pay 400 Rs. instead of 600 Rs. per person, which was the entry ticket price for the whole day.
We were hungry because we haven't had lunch by then, so we asked for any nearby restaurant but failed to find any good one. There was just a small dhaba in front of it and we were not interested to eat over there. We decided to have lunch inside the film city itself. We purchased some biscuits and chips to curb our hunger for some time . After having snacks, we took some photographs of the outside view of film city.
 There was greenery outside. The place was full of nice palm trees , some sculptures and embroidery over the building and gate of film city. There was a separate sitting arrangement near the ticket counters which was really a nice place to relax till the time to enter.
 After purchasing our tickets at exact 3 p.m we entered the film city. Outside food is not allowed inside and we didn't had any. After checking , the first place was a shopping zone , my favourite. I purchased a nice hat from there. There was a lot of stuff to purchase from there including Kurtis, hats, bracelets,etc.but there was short of time, so we hurried to our next place.
Next we reached a big chess board on which we stood and played bow and arrow game. The game was not that much nice. We then searched for food court, to curb our hunger as soon as possible and yes we found it nearby. We had a lot of food variety over there including Chinese south Indian , north Indian and veg as well as non veg. and their price was also appropriate.
After having lunch we reached 'Ripley's believe it or not museum' which was just next to the food court. There we met a talking ghost and got to know lots of unusual things and unusual facts , we were not aware of earlier. It was too scientific, interesting and historical as well. Nice place to visit for science and history lovers.


Next  was Wax museum. There were lots of sculptures made of wax called effigy. There were effigies of a lot  of famous personalities and cartoon characters like Michael Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Dalai lama,  Harry potter, Mickey mouse, Mr. bean, and many more. It is really nice to see them actually standing beside you.

Then, there was fossil museum for the history lovers. It was informative about the dinosaur's evolution and  devolution. In the museum you can find dinosaur's longest teeth packed in a glass box and there various bone structures mounted on the wall.

Next was Jurassic museum . There were lots of different kinds of dinosaurs over there growling at you in there own languages. Trying to scare you with there big structure, sounds and big wings. You will also enjoy a small waterfall over there below a small bridge surrounded by dinosaurs. It seems a bit scary, right? but keep this for the haunted mansion, really scary adventure with ghosts.
'Haunted Mansion' was really a scary place to visit, specially if you are going inside alone, just like that for us. Lots of ghosts were waiting eagerly for us. As we entered it they started mumbling in there ghostly sound 'hoo....' in there predestined scary tone and tried to grab and scare us in every possible way they can. There were a lot of rooms with lots of ghosts sitting , standing , hiding , hanging and haunting the place. We kept on taking stairs, entering into rooms and palace and found new ghosts and witches waiting to have a look at us and welcoming us in there territory. We were really scared and really wanted to end this up as soon as possible and at last we got the final room having a real exit. But it was really pleasant to meet so many ghost at a single place, really adventurous. But adventure doesn't ends up here .There was a lot to explore and we headed towards our next adventurous place.
This adventurous place is a place for everybody. Yes, you are right. It was 'games court'. At first we took tickets for 'dirty ride'. We ride bike in mud. It was so amazing experience to ride bike in full speed with mud all around. Really a dirty and muddy adventure. That was my first bike riding experience but truly amazing.
After that we enjoyed 'Go-karting' which was really fantastic ride. Sitting and driving with no traffic at all, a really hard to find experience in India.
Next we enjoyed cartoon city. It is a nice place for kids, with lots of cartoons ready to accompany them.
Then we saw 'water world' an artificial beach formation. But we didn't had another pair of clothes so we didn't tried water park.
There was only one hour left to us, so we covered mirror maze, china wall and film city zone .

Among these mirror maze was fantastic. we really enjoyed our images formed inside it and amazed finding our way to exit.China wall was not much good but the cartoon characters nearby it were nice.

Finally while going back, we entered some of the film city zone building named 'Innovative talkies' comprising of artificial police station, hospital, airport, FM radio and high court. we clicked some nice photographs over there .4D cinema was under reconstruction so we were not able to enjoy that.
We don't get enough time to explore everything. But, our overall experience was 'nice' and  'nice weather of the day' added some more enjoyment to our trip. The closing time was 6:30 pm. So, it was time to say good bye to this place.We looked back once more to see the place again, it looked so beautiful in the colorful lightnings.

But this place lacks many things like there was no guide available inside, so you may not be able to explore it in a whole way, basic facilities like rest rooms are also not at all good and we need to pay again for some interesting rides like Go-karting, muddy bike ride, etc. and it is not well maintained. Still, it can be given one visit to satisfy our cravings for fun in Bangalore. In brief, I can say that this place is not very good but not that much bad either.

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  1. Waaoo, Plz do share your experiences of your First Film City Visit. I am keen to read that out. :-)

  2. Thanx for ur appreciation. I will do it for sure soon. :)

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